Monday, August 7, 2017

July 10 - 16, 2017

Monday: Zero.

Tuesday: Zero

     AM: 7.2 miles, 593', 8:13 pace. Easy morning run on local mixed roads and trails. Glad to break the slump.
     Lunch: 7.0, 522', 8:25 pace. Manchester roads, trails, and some scrambling at Cigarette Butte. Mind the broken glass and needles.

     PM: Mountain biking, 21.0 miles, 1659', 2h 41m. I took another spin through Break Brook to take down some remaining flagging from the race. On a fast, easy section of trail a snagged a pedal on a rock, crashed my chest into the handlebars and fell, smacking the back of my head on the ground. Luckily I landed on a bed of pine needles, but it still rung my bell pretty good. Time for a new helmet.

Thursday: Zero.

     AM: 3.1 miles, 213', 8:40 pace.
     PM: 6.9 miles, 523', 8:24 pace. Ghetto blaster scrambling circuit in Manchester again. My route follows a fourth-class crack and corner system up ~100 foot rock outcropping on the west side of the city. The city recently filled in the municipal pool at the foot of the cliff and replaced it with a new splash pad which is open for the summer, so now I have an audience. It's probably best that I'm usually wearing headphones and can't hear what's being said.

The local ne'er-do-wells that frequent the top have gotten creative with their littering.

Saturday: 9.9 miles, 3048', 12:13 pace. This was supposed to be a workout run up the Mount Garfield Trail but within 15 minutes I had to let off the gas and walk most of the climbing. My hamstring/sciatica/whateveritis injury is becoming a problem. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to be disappointed.

Sunday: Zero.

Week Totals: 34.3 miles, 4888', 5h 26 plus a token bike ride.

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