Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 7 - 13, 2017

Monday: 6.9 miles, 489', 8:26 pace.

Tuesday: Zero.

     Lunch: 15 miles, 781', 1h 27m. Urban mountain biking.
     PM: 5.2 miles, 2388', 14:12 pace, 1:25:12 elapsed time.Evening blast up the Hi-Cannon Trail. My legs felt great and I was pleased with my time, despite being 10-15 pounds over my fighting weight. Gotta cut back on the junk food and remind myself that nothing tastes as good as fast feels.

Thursday: 6.7 miles, 516', 8:49 pace. Lunch run with some scrambling, got started on the newest Hardcore History podcast; 6 hours on Julius Caesar and the conquest of Gaul.

Friday: I took the day off and spent the day with my four year old daughter in in Franconia Notch. While not really a zero day, the biking, kayaking, and hiking we did was too sporadic to bother recording. Even short bouts of towing a kid bike trailer up a steep grade is worth something, but that wasn't the purpose of the day. We had some good fun together.

Saturday: 9.6 miles, 2603', 11:45 pace, 2:01:17 elapsed time. Did an early run up Mount Galehead before meeting up with my dad for an open house at the Tram O'Neil Rally School in Dalton. Good times riding in rally cars, shootin' guns, and doing a little rallycross with my Forester.

Sunday: 11.9 miles, 966', 8:13 pace. My longest road run in a while.

Totals: 40.5 miles, 6959', 6h 43m, plus some cycling.

I'm having a hard time building any real weekly mileage. Even though I signed up for a couple races this fall, my motivation has been low and I'm probably 15 pounds over a good racing weight. Maybe this is more sustainable long term, but part of it feels like a cop-out. I either need to change my day-to-day actions, or let go of some goals instead of wallowing around in the middle.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

July 31 - August 6, 2017

Monday: 6.8 miles, 518', 8:06 pace. The mountains must have done me some good because I felt a little pep in my stride and dropped into the mid-7 minute mile range for a bit, despite the heat and humidity. I haven't seen the shiny side of eight in a while.

Tuesday: 6.7 miles, 492', 8:21 pace.

     AM: 3.0 miles, 210', 8:50 pace. Easy morning jog.
     PM: 7.7 miles, 588', 1h 22m, mountain biking after work at Musquash Conservation Area. I went our for an evening trail run here a few months ago and left with the impression that these trails would be a lot more fun on a mountain bike. They were, especially for my modest technical skills.

Thursday: Zero.

Friday: 6.7 miles, 499', 8:28 pace.

Saturday: 9.9 miles, 591', 8:17 pace. My longest road run in a while.

Sunday: 9.6 miles, 3766', 12:38 pace, 2:09:58 elapsed time. North and South Kinsman from the West with Cooper on a cool, wet morning. I'd hoped to go under two hours for the round trip but couldn't pull it off. Still, I felt ten times better than my last time in the Whites on Mount Garfield.

Week Totals: 43 miles, 6299', 6h 40m. My hamstring was reasonably quiet all week so maybe I can start building back up some mileage again. I have a few races on the calendar for the fall, as well as some adventure run and it would be good to be in respectable shape.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

July 24 - 30, 2017 - Pfeifferhorn

Monday: 5.0 miles, 3365', 18:45 pace. Grandeur Peak, Salt Lake City.

I had enough time to get in a quick, hot lap of this local favorite before needing to show up for work. My time sucked but I felt indifferent. It's pretty cool that there's this kind of terrain available so close to a prosperous metro area, but I don't think I could live here. Everyone is crammed into suburbs in the lowlands at the base of the Wasatch Front. A nice place to visit, but rural New Hampshire is home for me.

Tuesday: 9.9 miles, 1400', 9:41 pace. Run up City Creek Canyon in a light morning rain. Pretty cool that I can start from a hotel downtown and be with the coyotes, rabbits, and deer within a few miles.

Wednesday - Saturday: Zero. Too much food, booze, work, and a grouchy hamstring.

Sunday: 9.8 miles, 3919', 14:21 pace. Run up the Pfeifferhorn in Little Cottonwood Canyon with a friend.

Week Totals: 24.8 miles, 8678', 5h 32m. Crap for mileage, but decent gain, considering.

July 17 - 23, 2017 - Kings Peak, Alice-Toxaway Lake Loop

Monday: Cycling, 14.5 miles, 1:36. Tooled around suburban Manchester on my mountain bike and discovered some new-to-me trails behind Derryfield Academy. I take a lot of satisfaction in finding hidden gems near places I've been frequenting for years.

     AM: 3.0 miles, 212', 8:22 pace. Short, slow morning run. Leg hurts but tolerable, which isn't really good enough.
     PM: Cycling, 6.6 miles, 32:29. A lunch ride cut short by low tire. I tried using my frame pump to air it up, but something was wrong with the pump and I just let more air out. Limped the bike carefully back to the office.

Wednesday-Thurday: Zero. Trying to heal up.

Friday: 3.0 miles, 213', 8:04 pace. Still tolerable, trying to decide how to handle my weekend.

Saturday: 25.5 miles, 4403', 13:50 pace. Kings Peak, Uinta Range, Utah high point.

I've seen the Uintas several times from out the window of a 737 but after years of visiting Salt Lake City for work, I'd never paid a visit to them. Like most mountain ranges out west, I got just enough of a sampling to hint of how vast the Uintas are and how one could spend a lifetime getting to to know them. There's something comforting to the thought that I'll never run out of places to explore, even just within the United States.

Starting at first light from the Henry's Fork trailhead, I flushed out three moose in the first hour on the trail. They behave a little differently than in New England or Quebec, standing still until you're only a few feet away. It's a little startling to suddenly be faced with an animal the size of a horse that reveals its presence by breaking into a gallop through the bushes.

My right hamstring behaved its self fairly well, assisted by my rather leisurely pace, and made it through nearly a marathon without being a problem. I ran hardly any uphills or sections with rough footing, rather like a 100 mile effort, partly to avoid aggravating injuries and partly out of laziness. Alone, far from home, I had no obligations and nowhere to be later in the day. I did suffer from some altitude sickness, afflicted with a headache and nausea on the way down, going from sea level to 13,500 feet in well under 24 hours. I created a minor scene, retching out the door of the rental car in the parking lot. It was worth it.

Sunday: 18.7 miles, 3385', 12:44 pace. Alice-Toxaway Lake loop, Sawtooth Range, Idaho.

You know where else I hadn't been before? The Sawtooths. I didn't even decide where to go until Sunday night, choosing between the Tetons, Wind River Range, and making the long drive to Idaho. Ultimately, the urge to explore a new place won out and I wasn't disappointed.

Totals: 50.3 miles, 8205', 10h 41m.

It was good for me to just run recreationally for a few days. Even if UTMA sapped a lot of my competitive drive, and my running fitness has taken a few setbacks, my legs can still carry me to places as fulfilling as any race or FKT. There's less recognition involved, but that helps some of my core motivation reveal itself a little more clearly.

This was also my last trip to Salt Lake City for the foreseeable future. I've been travelling here for work on a yearly basis since 2010, usually piggybacking a couple fun days onto the trip. Now, for political reasons, the Outdoor Retailer trade show will be moving to Denver, starting next year. I'm generally on board with the reasons for the move, protection of public lands, and Denver will be a great base for further adventures, but I barely scratched the surface of what's available with a day's drive of Salt Lake. I'll miss it.

Monday, August 7, 2017

July 10 - 16, 2017

Monday: Zero.

Tuesday: Zero

     AM: 7.2 miles, 593', 8:13 pace. Easy morning run on local mixed roads and trails. Glad to break the slump.
     Lunch: 7.0, 522', 8:25 pace. Manchester roads, trails, and some scrambling at Cigarette Butte. Mind the broken glass and needles.

     PM: Mountain biking, 21.0 miles, 1659', 2h 41m. I took another spin through Break Brook to take down some remaining flagging from the race. On a fast, easy section of trail a snagged a pedal on a rock, crashed my chest into the handlebars and fell, smacking the back of my head on the ground. Luckily I landed on a bed of pine needles, but it still rung my bell pretty good. Time for a new helmet.

Thursday: Zero.

     AM: 3.1 miles, 213', 8:40 pace.
     PM: 6.9 miles, 523', 8:24 pace. Ghetto blaster scrambling circuit in Manchester again. My route follows a fourth-class crack and corner system up ~100 foot rock outcropping on the west side of the city. The city recently filled in the municipal pool at the foot of the cliff and replaced it with a new splash pad which is open for the summer, so now I have an audience. It's probably best that I'm usually wearing headphones and can't hear what's being said.

The local ne'er-do-wells that frequent the top have gotten creative with their littering.

Saturday: 9.9 miles, 3048', 12:13 pace. This was supposed to be a workout run up the Mount Garfield Trail but within 15 minutes I had to let off the gas and walk most of the climbing. My hamstring/sciatica/whateveritis injury is becoming a problem. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to be disappointed.

Sunday: Zero.

Week Totals: 34.3 miles, 4888', 5h 26 plus a token bike ride.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 3 - 9, 2017 - Bear Brook Trail Marathon

Monday - Friday: My legs felt fine by my head didn't feel like running. I also returned to a pretty stressful week at work but hopefully the worst is past.

Saturday: 31.1 miles, 3360', 5:07-ish, 10:00 pace or so. Bear Brook Trail "Marathon". This race takes place nearly in my backyard on trails I routinely train on. The course passes within two miles of my house. Many years ago I was thinking of setting up a 50K in the park but didn't really have enough initiative to take it past the planning stage. My buddy, Ryan Welts, did and thus the race was born. I volunteered for the last four years but had never run the full course myself. This year, with a change in race directors I was out of the loop and didn't know the race date. Friday afternoon I saw surprised to learn that it was the next day and I was being offered a last minute entry. I accepted pretty quickly, taking the chance to run the most local of races and hopefully pull myself out of my slump.

Ryan and I ran together for nearly the entire race, moving up a couple positions when people got lost, to jointly hold second place until near the end. I was suffering a bit from the heat and residual fatigue and chafe from last weekend, and couldn't hold on to Ryan on the last climb. He took off because he was convinced we were being caught by another runner, though it turned out we had a sizable gap. Despite not feeling like I put in a very good performance, I really can't complain about third place. Overall times seemed substantially slower this year, as some course reroutes added a few miles, making it closer to a 50k.

Sunday: 17.8 miles, 2h 15 m. Mountain bike ride in Bear Brook for some good active recovery.

Totals: No point in adding them up when I only ran once and biked once. See above.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June 26 - July 2, 2017 - UTMA Grande Traverse DNF

Monday: 4.9 miles, 1648', 14:53 pace. Early morning run up Mont St-Anne above Perce, Quebec. I left right from our campground, kept the effort level easy, stopped for lots of gawking and picture breaks, and was rewarded with a spectacular view.

Tuesday: 6.0 miles, 1398', 9:46 pace. Ran up Mont St-Alban from our campsite in Forillon National Park. A bit of an up tempo effort, but it felt easy and I wanted to stretch my legs on some runnable climbs and descents. More excellent views.

Wednesday: Zero. Raining, slept in. Did a short hike to a waterfall with the family.

Thursday: Zero. Hiked Mont Jaques-Cartier with the family and ended up carrying my 4 year old on my back. We kept an eye out for caribou but didn't see any.

Friday: 60 miles, 16000'. Ultra Trail du Mont Albert Grande Traverse - DNF.

I'm still digesting this one, as DNF's are always hard and the decision to drop leads to lots of second guessing. The course itself was excellent and I enjoyed some time running jointly with Jean-Francois Cauchon, who went on to win the race. Unfortunately, I started having trouble urinating around mile 30, and by mile 60 I was concerned for my health and also unable to fathom another 40 miles. Maybe my health truly was at risk, or maybe I just don't have the drive to keep pushing through pain and danger that I once did. In any case, I think I'm done with hundred mile races for the foreseeable future.

Saturday: Zero.

Sunday:  Zero.

Totals: 67.9 miles, 18842', 20+ hours. What can I say? I put a whole lot of resources into something that I failed at. I'm trying to reflect positively on the rest of the trip and the time I got to spend with my family. It's selfish to sulk and feel sorry for myself.