Monday, August 28, 2017

August 14 - 20, 2017 - Rangeley Enchainment

Monday & Tuesday: Zero. Stressed.

Wednesday: 2 miles mountain biking, 1.8 miles walking. I tried using my frame pump the other day and had a problem with it, so I left it in the car with my spare tube. Predictably, Murphy's Law struck me with a flat tire in Musquash Conservation Area and I had to carry the bike back to the car.

Thursday: 6.9 miles, 552', 8:27 pace. A much needed stress reliever.

Friday: 9.7 miles, 808', 8:00 pace. I slept in my running clothes, with shoes, reflective vest, and headlamp already laid out so I wouldn't have any excuses to sleep in. I managed to get out the door at 4:30 for my first fully dark morning run since April. Good to have a little peace and quiet.

Saturday: 35.5 miles, 11843', 16:36 pace, 11:35:25 elapsed time.

I've been looking at linking up the four-thousand foot peaks along the Appalachian Trail outside of Rangeley, Maine for a number of years but somehow never got around to it. The need for a car-spot four hours from home might have something to do with that. Most peakbaggers break this one up into at least three separate day hikes, but my abilities make the longer route more doable. I managed to talk my friend Ryan into going with me so I'd have both a ride and some good company for the day.

Our intention was to start at Maine Route 4 and take the A.T. over Saddleback, the Horn, and North and South Crocker to Route 27, with side trips to Mount Abraham, Sugarloaf, and Redington Peak. This would have been the completion of the 67 peaks over four-thousand feet in New England for me, but things took longer than expected and we decided to skip the bushwhack to Redington. This got us back to my car at 8:00 PM, rather than 10:00 and back in my bed at home at 2:00 AM instead of 4:00 or later. I felt strong all day despite the jungle-like humidity.

Sunday: Zip.

Week Totals: 52 miles, 13199', 12h 3m.


  1. Yo Adam- Are you coming to Fall Wapack this weekend? I am thinking of making a go at the Sunapee-Monadnock trail this November, would love your opinion on it or maybe you'd like to join for some/all? Happy trails, Hope you are well- Brando

  2. Hi Brandon,

    I hadn't planned on coming, but I wouldn't rule it out now that you've reminded me. :)

    The MSG is a fun one, the Sunapee-Washington section especially so. I can't really commit to much, but I'll keep it in mind if you keep me posted. Feel free to email me with plans.