Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 7 - 13, 2017

Monday: 6.9 miles, 489', 8:26 pace.

Tuesday: Zero.

     Lunch: 15 miles, 781', 1h 27m. Urban mountain biking.
     PM: 5.2 miles, 2388', 14:12 pace, 1:25:12 elapsed time.Evening blast up the Hi-Cannon Trail. My legs felt great and I was pleased with my time, despite being 10-15 pounds over my fighting weight. Gotta cut back on the junk food and remind myself that nothing tastes as good as fast feels.

Thursday: 6.7 miles, 516', 8:49 pace. Lunch run with some scrambling, got started on the newest Hardcore History podcast; 6 hours on Julius Caesar and the conquest of Gaul.

Friday: I took the day off and spent the day with my four year old daughter in in Franconia Notch. While not really a zero day, the biking, kayaking, and hiking we did was too sporadic to bother recording. Even short bouts of towing a kid bike trailer up a steep grade is worth something, but that wasn't the purpose of the day. We had some good fun together.

Saturday: 9.6 miles, 2603', 11:45 pace, 2:01:17 elapsed time. Did an early run up Mount Galehead before meeting up with my dad for an open house at the Tram O'Neil Rally School in Dalton. Good times riding in rally cars, shootin' guns, and doing a little rallycross with my Forester.

Sunday: 11.9 miles, 966', 8:13 pace. My longest road run in a while.

Totals: 40.5 miles, 6959', 6h 43m, plus some cycling.

I'm having a hard time building any real weekly mileage. Even though I signed up for a couple races this fall, my motivation has been low and I'm probably 15 pounds over a good racing weight. Maybe this is more sustainable long term, but part of it feels like a cop-out. I either need to change my day-to-day actions, or let go of some goals instead of wallowing around in the middle.

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  1. Paces, body weight, mileage, etc.......all that is truly important is the "training" you did on Friday. Nothing else matters in the end!