Thursday, August 10, 2017

July 31 - August 6, 2017

Monday: 6.8 miles, 518', 8:06 pace. The mountains must have done me some good because I felt a little pep in my stride and dropped into the mid-7 minute mile range for a bit, despite the heat and humidity. I haven't seen the shiny side of eight in a while.

Tuesday: 6.7 miles, 492', 8:21 pace.

     AM: 3.0 miles, 210', 8:50 pace. Easy morning jog.
     PM: 7.7 miles, 588', 1h 22m, mountain biking after work at Musquash Conservation Area. I went our for an evening trail run here a few months ago and left with the impression that these trails would be a lot more fun on a mountain bike. They were, especially for my modest technical skills.

Thursday: Zero.

Friday: 6.7 miles, 499', 8:28 pace.

Saturday: 9.9 miles, 591', 8:17 pace. My longest road run in a while.

Sunday: 9.6 miles, 3766', 12:38 pace, 2:09:58 elapsed time. North and South Kinsman from the West with Cooper on a cool, wet morning. I'd hoped to go under two hours for the round trip but couldn't pull it off. Still, I felt ten times better than my last time in the Whites on Mount Garfield.

Week Totals: 43 miles, 6299', 6h 40m. My hamstring was reasonably quiet all week so maybe I can start building back up some mileage again. I have a few races on the calendar for the fall, as well as some adventure run and it would be good to be in respectable shape.

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