Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 12: March 20 - 26, 2017

Monday: Zero. Rest day.

Tuesday: Zero. Cranky hamstring.

Wednesday: 10 miles, 591', 7:42 pace. Strava GPS app gave me a bonus 2/10ths of a mile on my staple morning route.

Thursday: 9.9 miles, 591', 7:48 pace. Only 1/10th of mile extra today.

Friday: 9.8 miles, 591', 7:56 pace. Back to normal.

Saturday: 14.8 miles, 4918', LOL pace. "Ran" the Hancocks and East Osceola in much slower, more taxing conditions than I'd hoped. There was a firm, packed base but ankle-deep fresh snow up top made it like running on the beach, except with elevation gain. My pace was slow and I didn't feel that great, but the biggest benefit was probably recalibrating my level of patience from the roads to trails.

Sunday: Zero. I slept in and let a cranky hip and some soreness rationalize myself into taking a zero day. Still, there's value in this in that I can do a little self-examination. Is it better to take a zero day when my motivation is low and I give in to excuses that are always lurking in the background? Are they valid excuses or not and how do you draw the line? Just because I felt a little hip pinch a few times am I flirting with a serious injury, or is it just normal creaks in the machine? I don't have answers, but it's best to remind myself that I can't take decisions back, so just let go and move forward.

Totals: 44.5 miles, 6690', 8h 14m. Modest mileage but mediocre volume when looked at in hours.

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