Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 13: March 27 - April 1, 2017

Monday: Zero. Pouring rain. Sniffed some Minwax fumes while staining pine boards for my family room ceiling.

     AM: 10.0 miles, 591', 7:20 pace. 33 degrees, damp, and overcast. I ran well with little effort, not really noticing the hills, but then again, I should after two full days of rest.
     PM: 6.1 miles, 287', 8:08 pace. Easy lunch run. On the Manchester bike path that I frequently use, I passed by a house surrounded with yellow crime scene tape and cop cars around it. The local news is reporting a murder. Yikes.

Wednesday: Zero. Road running in the dark and rain is a bit beyond my tolerance for risk, so no AM run. No lunch run either because I got stuck in a meeting.

     AM: 9.9 miles, 591', 7:19 pace. Settled in to a moderately quick pace again, probably a direct result of the zero day. Paid a short visit to the horses across the street since they were close to the fence.

     PM: 6.8 miles, 375', 7:52 pace. Lunch run with some scrambling. I disturbed a couple of turkey vultures near the top of Cigarette Butte and got to watch them soar around from the top of the cliff for a bit.

     AM: 9.9 miles, 591', 7:54 pace. I managed to exercise some restraint on this one and keep the pace easy.
     PM: 5.8 miles, 1041', 8:49 pace. 10 x 60s hill repeats on Harrison Street. It was snowing hard enough that I had to squint my eyes to see. The ground was still warm and everything was melting before it could accumulate.

Saturday: 9.7 miles, 470', 7:44 pace. Easy run in the post snowstorm slop.

Sunday: 11.9 miles, 702', 8:13 pace. A little tired, not much restraint was needed to go slower than 8s.

Totals: 70.5 miles, 4639', 9h 14m.

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