Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 02: January 9-15, 2017

Monday 1/9: 8.7 miles, 545', 7:34 pace. Snowy Manchester sidewalks.

     AM: 10, 7, 3 wide grip pull ups (failed at 2x10 attempt).  I've found some some recent success with pull ups after improving my technique to recruit back muscles more. With 5x5 being fairly easy, I decided to give sets of 10x a shot. No dice. Rowing machine; 7051 meters, 30 minutes. Since I have a rowing erg available, I figured I'd make use of it for come cross training. I have the vague notion that the motion is similar to steep hiking, so maybe it'll improve my climbing strength.
     PM: 8.7 miles, 554', 6:47 pace. 2 x 3 miles at tempo effort - hard to gauge actual pace since I'm using my phone for GPS tracking instead of a watch and I don't look at the screen until I'm finished. Right now I'm just looking to ease into some casual workouts for the marathon and there's no pint in being uptight about accurate pacing when I'm running a hilly route on sidewalks that are 50% snow and ice.

     AM: 100 push ups in sets of 20-5. I was hoping to do 20 x 5, but that's a little too ambitious for now.
     PM: 13.3 miles, 623', 7:33 pace. Old Manchester Half Marathon course in reverse. Temps got up into the 50s, so I was happy to wear shorts and a t-shirt for the first time in months. I happened to pick my Hardrock 2012 shirt, forgetting that it seems to be bad luck for road running. Took a digger and scraped up my palms on the Hanover street sidewalks.
Thursday: 13.2 miles, 679', 7:39 pace. Manchester roads and sidewalks. 55 degrees out again.

Friday: 9.7 miles, 659', 6:51 pace. 2 x 3 miles at tempo effort. Basically the same workout as Tuesday bit with an extra mile of easy running in between tempo sessions so the overall pace is slower even though I ran a bit faster for the 6 miles harder running because the sidewalks were snow free.
Saturday: Zero day. Did an open practice day at Team O'Neil Rally School in Dalton. Had a blast sliding my Forester around cones in a controlled environment.

Dude rippin' it up in a supercharged Tacoma.

Sunday: 13.4 miles, 863', 7:33 pace. Ran home from kids' YMCA class. Hung more drywall in the evening.

Boss man.

Total: 67.2 miles, 3921', 8h 15m

A decent week with two good workouts. I'm optimistic about the marathon.

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