Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 01: January 1-8, 2017

I neglected to write up a lot of 2016's notable happenings and as a result, I've already lost some of the details that I wanted to remember. So I'm going to give weekly blog entries a try; for tracking running, accountability, and some general self expression. Let's see if I can make a habit out of this.

Sunday 1/1: 12.2 miles, 722', 7:47 pace, Candia roads.

Monday: 10.2 miles, 600', 7:21 pace, Candia roads

Tuesday: 0 miles. Raining, went to lunch with co-workers instead of running.

Wednesday: 13.4 miles, 738', 7:11 pace. Manchester roads.

Thursday: 9.8 miles, 653', 7:29 pace. Macnhester roads.

Friday: 9.9 miles, 620', 7:48 pace. Manchester roads.

Saturday: 14.9 miles, 902', 8:10 pace. Candia roads.

Sunday: Zero miles. Snowy roads convinced me to skip the morning time slot and I spent my day hanging drywall. My treadmill is located in the renovation-zone right now, but I should be able to find a temporary arrangement for it so I can get miles in without worrying about getting hit by a snow plow in the dark.

My supervisor

Total: 58.3 miles, 3510', 7:24.

As for future running plans, I have no A goals until the spring time. In the interim, I'd like build some good base fitness after a low-mileage end to 2016, and to help with that I signed up for the Hyannis Marathon on late February as a shorter-term motivator. While I don't enough time to realistically train for a personal best, 3:07 or better seems achievable. This would give me the option of running Boston in 2018 and I just turned 35, so my required time just went up by five minutes to 3:10, but I'll need go a bit faster than that to get an entry slot.

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