Friday, October 8, 2010

Salt Lake City - August 2010

Back in August I got the chance to go to a trade show in Salt Lake City. Going through my pictures today, I though some of them should see the light of day.

Rain clouds in the Wasatch Range just outside of town.

A beautiful place.

Some sort of atmospheric effect going on with the light here.

The most intense colors I've ever see in a rainbow.

I took an early morning run into the hills on the edge of the city.

The trail I followed goes along the rolling terrain in the picture all the the way to the hill in the center. It looked a lot closer than it really was.

Looking back, I got a pretty good view of the city and the Salt Lake.

I came all the way from downtown.

The view into the Wasatch from my hill. The Wasatch Front Endurance Run is held out there. A return trip might be in order.

Back in town, I took a side trip past the Mormon Temple.

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