Monday, August 31, 2009

Miata Update

Miata reconstruction surgery is in full swing now. I've cut away the rusted quarter panels, evaluated the damage to the frame underneath, and pronounced it fix-able. This project will involve a new paint job, so I'm taking the opportunity to fix all the little dings, dents, scratches, and holes that have been bugging me on this car for the last ten years. It's hard to believe I've owned this car for that long. I've thought about this before, but it's only now that I have the space to work. My Miata will no longer be a daily driver, subjected to the horrors of parking lots and New Hampshire winters. On the other hand, she won't be a garage queen either.My intention is to get her looking decent again, and then proceed to squeeze as much enjoyment out of this car as I possibly can.

Here's a few pictures.

Holy rusted metal, Batman!

Junk in the trunk.
So sad.

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  1. It's sad right now but just think of how pretty , happy and wonderful she will be when she's all fixed up.