Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wyoming - August 2015

Once again, this summer brought a work trip to Salt Lake City and, opportunist that I am, I made the most of it with a frenzied trail running weekend in Wyoming. Touching down at 11:30 on a Friday night, I quickly picked up my red Mustang convertible rental car and headed for In-N-Out burger before pointing the car northward at ludicrous speed. In-N-Out has some good burgers (dude) and they're open until 1 a.m. so that was an obvious choice. The Mustang... was OK, if uncomfortable to catch roadside catnaps in. It might not make a much better bed, but I'd been hoping to land a Dodge Challenger, in white if possible, so I could re-enact Vanishing Point as a soul hero in a soul mobile.

Over three days I ended up pulling together 75 miles of running in heart-stirring places. I'll let pictures do all the hard work.

Tetons shortly after sunrise.

Wind River Range

Wind River Range

Summit of East Temple Peak, Wind River Range

Summit of East Temple with a big drop off right at my toes.

East Temple at center-right.

Table Mountain summit, Tetons.

Tetons at spot I saw in a picture once.

Schoolroom glacier, lake, and moraine, Tetons. 
California technical singletrack with wildflowers, Tetons.

Gratitude's the word I'm looking for. 


  1. Adam, these are outstanding pictures, looks like a magical place to experience. Hope you have another summer work trip out to the Utah/Wyoming area this summer!