Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Bargain: Franconia Notch Loop

Ah, Black Friday; a day fondly known for its frantic consumerism. In the modern spirit of the season I decided to get up well before dawn for a door-buster deal of my own; the Franconia Notch Loop.

Here's the details: start at the Cannon Tramway parking area and head up the Kinsman Ridge Trail over Cannon and the Cannon Balls to South Kinsman. Descend your choice of trails back down to the highway, then head up to Mount Liberty or Flume. Follow the Franconia Ridge Trail to Lafayette and descend the Greenleaf Trail back to the car. There are plenty of variations but it works out to 25-ish miles, 10,000+ feet of elevation gain, and 6 or 7 peaks over four thousand feet. What a deal! And I didn't even have to fight traffic around the mall or suffer through a big box store packed up like a Japanese subway car.

But enough with the indulgent self-righteousness. On to the pictures!

Today's Black Friday special was icy trail conditions. 

Good morning, New  Hampshire. From above Cannon Cliff.
You said it, man. An engraved granite bench near Cannon's summit.
Sunrise over Franconia Ridge. I have much to be thankful for.
The Cannon Balls lead over to Mount Kinsman.
This way.
North Kinsman summit.
Lonesome Lake
Rock hoppin' on the Cascade Brook Trail.
A mildly spicy river crossing.
Smooth sailing back down to the highway,
Not quite enough time to visit Mt. Flume today. That's what I get for being such a slow slug on the Kinsmans.
Cannon and the Kinsmans from Liberty.
Mount Lafayette
South view from Mount Lincoln.
Cool cloud shadows over the Pemi and the Bonds.
Lincoln from Lafayette
Lincoln's Throat and the Mullet Slabs seem to be forming up nicely. I'm sure they've already been climbed this year.
More icy BS descending the Greenleaf Trail.
Cannon from Eagle Pass.
Farewell for now.

And now for the numbers (because if it's not documented, it didn't happen):

Bah, humbug.


  1. That's what I'm talking about!! And congrats to you and Miriam on your addition!!

  2. Thanks, fellas.

    I really liked this loop. It would make a good alternative to the Pemi, though I'd want to include Flume Slide rather than Liberty Springs Trail to really consider it complete. I can see it taking a similar amount of time, the Kinsman Ridge Trail is very much like Garfield Ridge. Maybe I'll take a burn on it in the spring.

  3. Very nice, Adam....I was stuck in Texas! It was nice though, but not the New Hampshire White Mountains...
    We miss you over at DM! Guess you got tired of all the love ;-) It is sortof mushy over there...

  4. Hey Steve,

    I'd have stuck around DM if I could have ported my old RunningAhead data, but I never got a response when I asked about it. I was also logging every single run in 4 different places, which was starting to get tiresome, so I'm down to RA and my GPS program now. Hope you and Deb are well.

  5. Classic run! So many variations to choose from... And I want to echo Justin in congratulating you and Miriam on your family addition.

  6. Nice Trip report and a great variation and addition to a Franconia Loop! Going to have to try this one shortly, maybe a long winter day hike?

  7. I've never thought to make that a loop, sounds like a fun one. Congrats on the family addition and thanks for posting this run ... well done!