Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 05: January 30 - February 5, 2017

Monday: 5.4 miles, 276', 9:21 pace. Pre-dawn recovery jog on Candia roads. I'm fatigued enough that I didn't have to hold back much to turn such a slow (for me) pace. There was some soreness, but no hints of injury. I'm thankful for that. Spotted two shooting stars.

     AM: 9.8 miles, 591', 8:30 pace. Pre-dawn Candia roads. I'm starting to notice more light on the eastern horizon when I finish up around six o'clock. Spring can't come soon enough.
     PM: 5.2 miles, 492', 9:49 pace. Easy run with a co-worker.

Wednesday: Zero. Slushy conditions and an invite to lunch with coworkers. I'm rationalizing the zero day as additional recovery from Sunday's race so I can do a quality tempo workout tomorrow.

Also, I signed up for the Wapack 21 miler this morning. Traditionally I've done the 50 mile version but courses with a lot of repeated ground haven't been agreeing with me in recent years. I've always wondered what I could do on the one-way course, so this year I'm going to find out.

     AM: 7.6 miles, 348', 7:36 pace. Pre-dawn Candia roads. I was pleased that the effort to pace ratio seems to indicate I'm recovered from Sunday's race. Less pleased by the clapped-out Malibu that almost hit my right in front of my own house, despite my headlamp, reflective vest and the street light overhead.
     PM: 10.1 miles, 702', 7:46 pace. Manchester sidewalks. I overcame some dread and anxiety to get out the door for a planned 2x3 mile tempo workout. The first repeat went well but I ended up canning the second one because of stomach distress. It was a slow, uncomfortable job back to the office.

Friday: 9.5 miles, 207', 744 pace. Easy bike path run.

Saturday: 9.8 miles, 623', 8:23 pace. Pre-dawn Candia roads. Kinda tired and sluggish. Calves were tight some soreness in the high achilles.

Sunday: 20.1 miles, 1115', 7:26 pace. Warm up, 2 x 12 minutes tempo, 10 miles easy, 20 minutes tempo, cool down. One of the longer, tougher Jack Daniels' marathon workouts, and a good confidence builder for the last few weeks of training. Didn't have quite the pep I was looking for, but got it done.

Totals: 77.9 miles, 4354', 10h 29m.


While my goal for this training cycle was primarily to qualify for Boston 2018 and secondarily to run sub-3 hours, I'm unavoidably training in the shadow of my 2014 Hyannis Marathon. Same marathon + same time at the BP16,= same fitness? In 2014, I was in the best road running shape of my life and, even though I made a major improvement in my marathon personal best, I still squandered potential that day and I've wanted a do-over ever since. Maybe this is that chance.

As a psychological exercise, I'm going to list my mile splits from the 2014 race below, so can take a good long look at what I could do better.

Mile / Split
1 / 5:54
2 / 6:03
3 / 6:10
4 / 6:13
5 / 6:23
6 / 6:11
7 / 6:09
8 / 6:21
9 / 6:18
10 / 6:19
11 / 6:18
12 / 6:22
13 / 6:14
14 / 6:14
15 / 6:20
16 / 6:28
17 / 6:39
18 / 6:49
19 / 6:49
20 / 6:52
21 / 7:17
22 / 6:57
23 / 7:16
24 / 7:27
25 / 7:40
26 / 8:03
.2 / 7:13


  1. Good luck at Wapack! When I went to sign up at 11am that morning there was already a big waiting list (which I signed up for). Maybe I'll get to join you.

  2. I feel your pain, I'm on the wait list for Breakneck Ridge Marathon in NY because I didn't know when registration opened. Kinda lame that you're not into Wapack, given your results there. I'm not sure how the new RD is, but it might be worth an email.

    Do you know how registration works for Brrr-lingame 10 miler? I can't find a link for online registration - wouldn't want to to end up on a wait list or anything.

    1. Registration isn't open quite yet, but there are no worries - plenty of people sign up at race day. No size restrictions. It's a fun fast race and a good test of fitness. You should definitely do it!